Flavor Profiles

Subtle, layered and complex, all Zen flavors are hand made in small batches. No added sweeteners give you clean tasting flavor that is kind to coils and cotton. You can choose from custards, desserts, breakfast and fruity flavors. Using only high quality smooth nic gives you all the flavor with almost no throat hit.

Chubby Gorilla bottles are the standard for the e-liquid industry. They are designed specifically for e-juice with easy squeeze sides, and tamper evident child resistant caps. The PET formulation will not leach into the liquid ensuring the purest liquid no matter how long you steep it.

You get all this quality at extremely affordable prices. Grab a bottle or a sampler pack today and see what everyone’s talking about. 

Creams 'n' Custards

“a state of awareness incorporating oneness of body & mind”

Sweet just-picked-from-the-vine blueberries in my rich and creamy Zen custard. Subtle and layered, the blueberries have a synergy with the moist Zenlicious custard that will keep you coming back for more. (75/25 vg/pg)

“a sense of peace and calm; an aura of serenity”

This sublime vape features yummy caramel and creamy butterscotch married my Zen custard. Yes, that custard! That luscious and decadent custard that will make you wish you got a bigger bottle as you watch the one you bought disappear! (70/30 vg/pg)

“transcending into another realm of existence”

You get a big mouthful of sweet ripe strawberries mixed into a rich, layered Zen custard. You might want to get two bottles of this addictive vape so you can hide one while vaping the other. (70/30 vg/pg)

“inner peace, lack of conflict or distraction”

Sweet, just picked raspberries mixed into my moist and creamy Zen custard and topped with hand-made whipped cream. The only thing this Zen custard will make you want is more! (75/25 vg/pg)

“possessing a clear and undistracted mind”

Delicious blend of bananas and strawberries on the inhale with that lush, creamy and decadent Zen custard on the exhale. This Zen custard will make you want to lick the bowl. (70/30 vg/pg)

“destiny, fate, what you do in this life will affect the next”

Remember that thick and creamy strawberry milkshake you used to get at the local diner or ice cream parlor back-in-the-day? This addictive and delicious flavor perfectly captures that milkshake. Sweet ripe diced strawberries blended with vanilla bean ice cream topped with a dollop of hand-made whipped cream. This vape is so good it should be served with a spoon and a straw. (75/25 vg/pg)

“surpassing, exceeding, extraordinary”

The original signature Zen custard. Hand made in small batches that sell out within hours of release. The custard that converts custard haters and rewards custard connoisseurs with a sublime and transcendent vape experience. This thick and creamy vanilla custard comes pre-steeped for 60+ days and is ready to vape the day you get it. It has a luscious mouth feel and will quickly become the vape you crave on a daily basis. This is the one you buy two bottles at a time so you can hide one while enjoying the other. (80/20 vg/pg)

“deep meditation while sitting in the lotus position”

Imagine the taste of the milk left over after eating several bowls full of your favorite fruity pebbles cereal. Just like we used to do while watching TV back-in-the-day. This creamy cereal vape is absolutely Zenlicious. (70/30 vg/pg)

“eternal circle of life”

A big bowl of hand-made vanilla bean ice cream topped with just the right amount of ripe strawberries and a dollop of hand-made whipped cream. Subtle, complex and layered, this flavor must be vaped to be believed. (70/30 vg/pg)

Breakfast 'n' Cereals / Desserts

“deep inner happiness”

Rich and creamy NY style cheesecake topped with blueberry compote then topped with hint of hand made whipped cream. There's a big mouthful of fruit on the inhale and that wonderful sublime cheesecake on the exhale with the whipped cream showing up right at the end. If you like cheesecake then this will quickly become the vape you can't put down! (75/25 vg/pg)

“increased inner clarity, a feeling of inner calm, and a deeper sense of inner balance”

Rich and creamy NY style cheesecake topped with strawberry compote and a hint of hand made whipped cream. There's a big mouthful of fruit on the inhale and that wonderful sublime cheesecake on the exhale with the whipped cream showing up right at the end. Caution, this Zen flavor has been known to cause users to become #addictedtothezen! (70/30 vg/pg)

“transcending into another realm of existence”

The French toast is the star here with slices of thick Texas toast style bread dipped in egg and milk batter with a touch of vanilla and sweet cinnamon then topped with soft golden butter. The bottom slice is dusted with powdered sugar, strawberry jam is spread on the middle slice and the stack is topped with not-too-sweet maple syrup. The only thing you'll want after vaping this addictive e-juice is another slice!! (75/25 vg/pg)

Every Sunday I serve made-from-scratch pancakes to my family and whoever shows up. This recipe has been in my family for over seven generations. These pancakes are seriously melt-in-your-mouth good. This Zen flavor is like vaping those very pancakes. Warm fluffy pancakes topped with melting butter and just the right amount of not-too-sweet maple syrup with a garnish of sliced strawberries and hand-made whipped cream. (70/30 vg/pg)

Sweet gooey cinnamon apples in fried fritter dough lightly glazed on top. The quintessential apple fritter. This delicious juice perfectly compliments your morning coffee and favorite breakfast. (80/20 vg/pg)

A still-warm-from-the-oven sugar cookie infused with sweet cinnamon. The cookie was one of my childhood favorites, this Zen flavor will quickly become one of yours. (80/20 vg/pg)

An extra large spoonful of fruit loops and whole milk. Balanced, not too much lemon with a prominent milky note. Not just another cereal vape. (75/25 vg/pg)
Soft cool orange sorbet on the inhale followed by thick rich vanilla ice creamy goodness on the back end. This Zen flavor tastes like you just bought it from the neighborhood ice cream truck. (80/20 vg/pg)